July 18, 2014

The 10 Year Anniversary of Atlum Schema

Last month I realised something that kind of shocked me.

This summer marks 10 years since I started making music under the Atlum Schema name. A whole decade!

This crazy realisation provoked me to re-visit The Final Scene, which was the first solo album I wrote and produced. It was quite the nostalgia trip, and really nice to wrap fresh ears around it. I felt inspired to pick up my guitar and play some of the songs again.

Not wanting to let this landmark anniversary slip by un-noticed (as it almost did), I have decided to produce a few live and re-interpreted versions of a few of the tracks.

The Mould Will Slowly Burn

This is the opening song on The Final Scene and is one that definitely still resonates with where I’m at today. I wrote it as I was finishing school at a time I was feeling overwhelmed by the potential possibilities and options that the world has to offer. I guess in many ways it was the first time I had experienced what I have now come to see as my multipotentialism.

It’s about being paralysed by choice (especially when you have the belief that you are looking for your ‘one true calling’) and realising that the only thing any of us can really do is take one day at a time and keep moving forwards.

The mould is all the peripheral stuff around the core that you are searching for. It’s the very thing we’re searching for without realising. It’s life. It’s variety. It’s meaning. It’s the messiness that makes life interesting. Mould (mold) is after all active and living within, around, and upon something that is dead.

Listen to the album here.


Getting close but not quite there
it’s one idea it’s hardly fair
they beat you up with heavy poles,
expect surrender, not likely now

i have found time in my hands
and i’m gonna try to do what i can
they trip you up and make blockades
the only thing to do is turn and face
and face and turn and hope the mould will slowly burn away
the mould will slowly burn away and everything will be ok

Keep Walking. Keep Walking All the Way.

Looking in, a direct hit,
they take away the last of it
shouting out the lies you told,
but these are just the green-eyed mould.

I am gonna burn this bridge,
it’s best to leave than deficit
They chase you down until you’re gone
The only thing to do is turn your back
and run and back off run and hope the mould will slowly burn
the mould will slowly burn away and maybe you’ll return one day…