Year0 One Line


I spent the past two and a half years with an inadvertent fresh perspective on the fragile nature of human existence, helping care for a friend who was tragically diagnosed with a rapidly debilitating and imprisoning form of Lewy Body Dementia in 2011.

The album came together over just two weeks in the summer of 2013. It confronts themes of loss, the frailty of the human body, the potential strength of human spirit and the absurd attention and importance we collectively give to futile things.

Initially intended as a stripped back, acoustic record, it grew through the recording process into an ambient spirited, reflective, electronic exploration of the human condition. It is about discovering within the past the inescapable clues to the mysteries of the future, and that every passing moment is a new opportunity to change things.

Watch a replay of the Live Launch Show from the Treehouse Bookshop, Kenilworth, Saturday 29th March 2014

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